RapidForm 2006, RapidForm XO – 3D Scanning Software (c) INUS Technology, Inc. *Dongle Emulator (Dongle Crack) for Aladdin Hardlock*

کرک RapidForm 2006, RapidForm XO – 3D Scanning Software (c) INUS Technology, Inc. *Dongle Emulator (Dongle Crack) for Aladdin Hardlock*

Rapidform Dental is a software development kit (SDK) that combines 3D scan data processing and CAD/CAM technology with dental diagnosis, orthodontics and reconstruction. Third party developers leverage Rapidform&qout;s industry-leading point cloud and mesh processing capabilities to rapidly develop and deploy dental CAD/CAM capabilities with custom interfaces and workflows designed specifically for their users. Combined with a 3D scanner, Rapidform Dental enables digital archiving and full/partial crown and bridge design.
Patient ID and clinic info registration
Rapidform Dental includes a patient database system, so each patient&qout;s personal and clinical information can be stored with his or her 3D data into a searchable database. Rapidform Dental enables each patient&qout;s case to be treated based on clinical history. Dentists and technicians can access data and make diagnoses within the historical environment of the patient lifecycle.
Digital teeth Impression
The dentist or technician captures a patients dental impression in vivo or in vitro using any 3D scanner,
and archives it for clinical and restorative purposes.
Impressions can be stored as digital files, without the need to warehouse the physical casts, saving space and storage costs.
Medical Analysis & planning
With Rapidform Dental, dentists and technicians can perform virtual analysis with digital impressions.
Plans for orthodontics or restoration can be digitally restored to control the denture result and quality.
Rapidform Dental supports virtual fixtures and brackets on scanned impressions.
Virtual simulation is available in each individual patient&qout;s teeth environment.
Rapidform Dental has design tools for:
Anatomical pontics
Anatomical crowns
Telescopic crowns

Virtual hand design
Rapidform Dental offers wax knife, deform, transform, and scaling tools for virtual sculpting.
Quality Inspection
Simulation capabilities, including check bite and virtual articulation are available. Rapidform Dental can also import CT jaw bone data. Prostheses can be verified during the modeling process by checking the quality of tooth surfaces, undercuts for milling, and interference with adjacent or antagonist teeth.
Milling or 3D Printing
Rapidform Dental models are suitable for milling or 3D printing for direct prosthesis production. The SDK supports milling coordination, linker (model supporter for milling or printing) generation, as well as nesting.

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