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Pyramix Virtual Studio

Pyramix Virtual Studio is by far the most powerful and flexible audio tool on the market today. Its unrivalled DSP power matched with the acclaimed edit and mix features, makes it the clear choice for facilities, engineers, editors and producers. Add to that the affordability of its modular design and Merging Technologies range of partner products and the decision becomes clear. In a world where budgets and creativity, deadlines and complexity are constantly battling one another, Pyramix Virtual Studio is fast becoming the industry standard for the entire audio industry.

The SPEED of the EDIT

With no need to change tools, unlimited fade configurations, a customizable trim editor and a comprehensive macro building tool, editors using Pyramix race ahead of the masses. Nothing can compare to the speed and flexibility of the Pyramix worksurface. If you dont like the way a keyboard shortcut works for you, change it. If you would rather have a different icon set at the top of the edit window, just put it there. From basic keyboard and mouse editing to jog-wheel and source/destination control, Pyramix Virtual studio delivers.
The SOUND of the MIX

Pyramix is not only the most powerful DAW in the market, it is also the most sonically capable DAW too. In listening tests, Pyramix has time after time been acclaimed for its sonic transparency and the huge depth and width of its internal mix engine. From SACD mastering to film post-production, engineers are taking advantage of the amazing capabilitys of Pyramix Masscore technology to work with high track counts and high sampling, and to add extensive plugins and bussing. In short, the sonic quality and power of Pyramix creates the perfect mixing environment.

The POWER of the DSP

Pyramix Version6.0 brings a whole new DSP form to the table. MassCore is finally the step forward from proprietary DSP systems that the industry has been stuck with seemingly forever now. By incorporating the power of Intel technologies while bypassing the latencies and instabilities that host-based systems suffer from, The Pyramix DSP is now not only stronger and faster than anything else out there; it is set to grow at rate that no one ever dreamed possible.

eMergings business is built with customer support as a fundamental and this has been key to our success. Customers are all able to utilise our support line along with online and engineer based facilities which ensure that if you have a problem then you can talk quickly to highly experienced people and be back working without undue delay.

eMerging also drives the development of Pyramix and constantly shapes user needs from our support relationships into new features and enhancements. As a user of the technology therefore you will have a real voice and youll be dealing with a company that really does LISTEN.

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