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SDL Passolo 2009 is the latest version of the award-winning software localization tool. It provides one visual environment for software localization, so that you can translate graphical user interfaces (GUI) more quickly and easily than ever before!
Easy-to-use, customizable interface – no need for access to source code or programming experience
Integrated with the latest software for easy re-use of previously translated content
Extensive range of file filter support so that you can accept any type of software localization project
Fastest version of SDL Passolo ever due to state-of-the-art new QuickIndex technology
Localization is one of the key activities required to develop software for global markets. Would you like to expand your translation opportunities by being able to accept projects that involve localization of graphic user interfaces (GUI)?
SDL Passolo 2009 is a specialized software localization tool that greatly speeds up the translation of GUI projects. It is easy-to-use and require neither time-consuming and expensive training, nor programming experience. SDL Passolo can be used either as a stand-alone application, or when integrated with other SDL products such as SDL Trados Studio and SDL MultiTerm.
User-friendly software localization tool – no programming experience required!
Real-time visual localization environment that provides clear visibility of how translation impacts dialog boxes and menus
Easily translate software strings and adapt user interfaces, without accidentally changing elements or structures
Modern interface that can be customized to suit your preferences and requirements
Speed up projects involving software localization – translate faster than ever before!
Fully integrated with SDL software for further leveraging of translation memories and terminology
New QuickIndex reduces the lookup speed of previously translated content to a fraction of a second
Extensive QA checks – improve the accuracy and consistency of your translations
The pseudo-translation feature checks for localization suitability before the translation begins
Automated quality assurance (QA) checks verify spelling, correct use of terminology and formatting of dialogs, menus or buttons
Customized QA checks can also be set-up to ensure that your software localization projects are of the highest quality
Full control of your projects – access previous versions in just a few clicks
Access to the complete history of edits made to each string during the translation process
Easily revert back to a previous version of the translation if changes are made and then retracted
Compatible with the latest Microsoft technology, file filters and languages
Fully compatible with the Microsoft .NET framework including 3.5
In addition, a large number of software specific file formats, including executable programs, resource files and XML based files
Text strings can be translated into numerous languages including Asian languages (Unicode) and right-to-left scripts like Hebrew and Arabic
System Requirements
SDL Passolo 2009 will be delivered as a Unicode application and therefore can be used only on Windows XP or Windows Vista. A multilingual Windows XP is recommended for projects with Asian languages. SDL Passolo 2009 can also localize software for Windows 9x.

SDL Trados Studio 2009 SP3 is the brand new and ground-breaking release from SDL, taking productivity to new levels.
This exciting new release is available in two different versions, Freelance and Professional. The reason behind having separate versions is that freelance translators do not usually require all the functionality within the full Professional license.
Due to different user requirements, SDL Trados Studio 2009 SP3 Professional features additional functionality for project acceleration. SDL Trados Studio 2009 SP3 Professional enables language service providers and corporate language departments to increase productivity so that high-quality translations can be completed in short turn-around times.
Key additional features in SDL Trados Studio 2009 SP3 Professional include:
AutoSuggest creation:
Create revolutionary AutoSuggest dictionaries within the Professional version. The Freelance version enables translators to open and use AutoSuggest dictionaries, but they will need to purchase an add-on to create them. AutoSuggest significantly increases translation speed and provide users with sub-segment matches. SDL PerfectMatch:
Leverage previously translated bilingual files by creating PerfectMatches (in-context 100% matches). The SDL PerfectMatch component of SDL Trados 2007 Suite is still available for this purpose. Users on the Freelance edition will be able to use PerfectMatches, but not create them.
Automated project preparation and distribution:
Create and distribute projects with SDL Package technology – you can only open and return packages in the Freelance version. Unlimited language support:
Work with as many languages as you want – the Freelance version supports up to 5 languages (which are selected upon installation).
Ability to work on a network:
Our Professional version is network-enabled and can be used on a domain-controlled network. The freelance version will not work on a domain-based network.

TRANSIT is a Translation Memory System with an Associative Network. It also includes TermStar – see details below. Transit is networkable. The Transit translation environment is not within a wordprocessor but instead within a split-screen editor. This product competes directly with TRADOS However unlike TRADOS Transit tends to wrongly calculate fuzzy match values when the object formatting is changed.

This is a Terminology Management System for Windows. The product has an easy-to-use, “”WYSIWYG”” dictionary appearance. TermStar is networkable. This product does not compete directly with Corel CATALYST. Corel CATALYST instead provides a glossary option whereby translators can attach a glossary to a TTK.

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