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کرک Padsy *Dongle Emulator (Dongle Crack) for WIBU WibuKey*

PADSY ensures that you can access your cardiopulmonary data directly, from any workstation. What is more, PADSY controls all the connected diagnostic systems by means of a uniform and intuitive operating concept, and organizes electronic data sharing with the HIS or your surgery&qout;s IT.
PADSY saves time.
The standardized patient and examination management system means that there is no need to enter data twice. Smart text module management reduces the amount of typing that is necessary.
PADSY safeguards your investments.
PADSY&qout;s open architecture leaves the choice of operating system up to you. PADSY is the only system of its kind worldwide to work equally well on both Apple Mac OS X and Windows. PADSY controls a wide range of devices, and even the long-term ECG recorders and blood pressure recorders of other manufacturers can be incorporated.
PADSY is network-ready.
PADSY offers built-in network capability as standard, at no additional cost. Our flexible licensing system gives you appropriate solutions for your workplaces, helping to optimize your organization.
PADSY supports your workflow
Quick and efficient work can only be achieved if all functions and resources are utilized in the best possible manner. PADSY particularly supports this process thanks to its uniform operating structure and the fact that all applications are incorporated into a single software product.
PADSY is free of charge.
You get PADSY free if charge if you purchase an application bearing the logo “”designed”” for PADSY””.
PADSY means flexible ECG management.
If you would like to finally make the switch to modern ECG processing, but cannot yet do without conventional ECG thermal array printers, PADSY offers the perfect solution. PADSY works in harmony with all current Nihon-Kohden ECG printers, sending patient data to the electrocardiographs and taking over the registered ECGs. On request, this can of course also take place wirelessly.
PADSY is open.
PADSY&qout;s open interfaces allows connections to other workstations and other software. This means that you can optimize your workflow and enhance routine daily processes. All diagnostic findings, in text and image form, are sent fully automatically by PADSY to your PACS or surgery&qout;s IT system. PADSY CONNECT is the key to linking the HIS to your medical devices, and offers valuable support for your organization.
PADSY CONNECT is the missing link.
PADSY CONNECT takes care of HIS-integrated documentation and automates the flow of data to and from the HIS. Naturally, diagnostic systems of other manufacturers can also be hooked up to PADSY CONNECT.

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