UNCLE PROFESSIONAL, UNCLE REPORTS (c) The Uncle Group, Inc. *Dongle Emulator (Dongle Crack) for Aladdin Hardlock*

کرک UNCLE PROFESSIONAL, UNCLE REPORTS (c) The Uncle Group, Inc. *Dongle Emulator (Dongle Crack) for Aladdin Hardlock*

UNCLE PROFESSIONAL, UNCLE REPORTS (c) The Uncle Group, Inc. *Dongle Emulator (Dongle Crack) for Aladdin Hardlock*
UNCLE REPORTS: The Future of Market Research Tabulations
UNCLE REPORTS is an intuitive, user-oriented tabulation program that serves as an immensely useful tool for both in-house analysts and end users alike. Designed to facilitate ad hoc post-analysis, its function and features can be mastered in a matter of minutes by anyone familiar with the Windows environment. Knowledge of UNCLE PROFESSIONAL and its tab language is totally unnecessary to the UNCLE REPORTS user.
UNCLE REPORTS Variables and their Elements are readily identifiable, as they are labeled with each question&qout;s wording and its accompanying response categories rather than a cryptic variable name or number. Tables and filters are assembled in a matter of seconds by simply pointing and clicking, as are the options that customize a processed table&qout;s components and formatting.
With UNCLE REPORTS, one or more variables are selected for tabulation, with processed results displayed in one of its views or, alternatively, directed to Microsoft Excel. These tabulations may be based on total or on any user-specified reduced base.
Tabulated results are manipulated with a wide selection of options, affording control over frequencies, percentages, statistics, and a host of other formatting and customization options.
Here&qout;s what you can accomplish with UNCLE REPORTS:
Create simple cross-tabulations with two Variables, using one for a table&qout;s columns and one for its rows
Accept or edit any or all default titles created from Variable and Element labels
Create more complex cross-tabulations by combining Elements from a number of Variables
Testing of significance between column proportions/percents and means
Apply Filters, which will limit the number of respondents eligible for inclusion in the cross-tabulations
Use existing Variable Filters when building new tables. When two or more pre-existing Filters are used, these are by default ANDed together
Create new table filters utilizing Elements from one or more Variables. Here you have full control over the order of precedence as well as the ANDing and/or ORing of filter terms
Direct processed results to the UNCLE REPORTS Output view, where they can be viewed, edited, printed, saved, and/or copied
Direct processed results to a Microsoft Excel workbook, with each tabulation saved to its own worksheet. Worksheets may be either unformatted or formatted, depending on the user&qout;s needs
Utilize Numeric Variables to generate statistical results (e.g. Mean, Standard Deviation, Median, etc.), generate an itemized listing of every unique value given, or to define ranges of values
Customize the appearance and formatting of cross-tabulations using a wealth of available Options
Control over the UNCLE REPORTS default Options, impacting all future Projects&qout; tables
Control over a given Project&qout;s Options, impacting all tables within that Project
Control over an individual table&qout;s Options, and the Options for Rows and/or Columns within a table
UNCLE REPORTS use is truly intuitive, and knowledge of the UNCLE tab language is totally unnecessary. However, knowledge of the UNCLE language will afford the user additional flexibility and control, enabling the creation of additional elements and variables without having to use existing elements as the building blocks. These can be created within UNCLE REPORTS by a variety of methods, by editing the variable specification file before its importation, or by editing the specifications in UNCLE PROFESSIONAL and regenerating the variables.
Now in its thirty-fifth year, UNCLE PROFESSIONAL is the unique combination of power, low cost, flexibility, and user-orientation that you wont find in any competitive product.
And now that UNCLE PROFESSIONAL is a fully-integrated Windows application, it&qout;s easier to use than ever before, taking full advantage of numerous features unique to the Windows environment while continuing to utilize UNCLE&qout;s time-tested unique and powerful tab language. UNCLE PROFESSIONAL retains compatibility with table libraries and databases created with earlier releases of UNCLE.
UNCLE PROFESSIONAL is easy to use: built-in defaults render the generation and manipulation of databases and tabulations a simple process that anyone can master in a matter of days. But beneath the surface lie the tools required to meet virtually any data processing challenge, any tabular layout, and any cosmetic refinement you encounter. And with annual releases of refinements and enhancements, UNCLE PROFESSIONAL remains a step ahead of the demands of the marketplace.
UNCLE PROFESSIONAL handles all phases of processing, from data entry of questionnaires* and importation of CATI-, CAPI-, spreadsheet-, and SPSS-generated data, sophisticated lookup and force cleaning routines, creation and calculation of new variables, percentage and factor weighting, crosstabs of most any design imaginable, significance and t-tests, spreadsheet and word processing output, SPSS-ready data and Syntax Documents, Variable and Database files for use with UNCLE REPORTS, and so much more!
And its powerful. UNCLE PROFESSIONAL is a 32-bit fully-integrated Windows application compatible with Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7. Processing speeds can be as much as 50% faster than its 16-bit predecessor, with most functions clocking in around 20-25% faster.

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