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Open platform TimeZYX-Peresvet (Open platform TimeZYX) has been designed to provide the technological and organizational conditions of joint work in development and maintenance on the up-to-date world level of domestic program product of geologic-hydrodynamic simulation and monitoring of the oil and gas field development.
The set of tools for geologic-hydrodynamic simulation and development analysis is realized and continuously updated.
Having chosen and joined the necessary tools, the user gets the applied module that provides the full technological chain of work with data.
Any interface and function of other producers may be added in the united environment and combined in use.
During the work with the project the platform may be applied both locally and in the distributed network using the source and object code base and the examples of basic data and models.
Data model doesnt form a part of core and may be updated or substituted by other producers.
Program modules of TimeZYX platform
Well survey interpretation TimeZYX is a program module that allows to interpret the well survey, to obtain and apply the extended sets of geophysical parameters and to set new and complicated geologic objects in the optimal way.
Reserves calculation TimeZYX is a program module that allows to calculate the hydrocarbon reserves using 2D and 3D methods in conformity with the recommendations and requirements of the CDC Rosnedra.
Geologic simulation TimeZYX is a program module designed for the creation and maintenance of digital 3-dimensional parametric-structural models of hydrocarbon reservoir on the basis of the complex interpretation of geologic, geophysical and petrophysical data in conformity with the recommendations and requirements of the CDC Rosnedra.
Upscaling TimeZYX is a program module which makes the two-phase reduction of geological model (GM) dimension in depth and lateral separately that allows to make the minimal deformation of permeable body geometry, their coherence and filtration and capacity characteristics.
MKT (hydrodynamic simulator TRUST of Mathematician Keldysh) – is a modern software for reservoir simulation of oil and oil-and-gas fields. The extended BlackOil model is used it is a 3-dimensional multiphase model with regard for the oil steam in the gas phase. The MKT is based on the developments of the leading Russian scientists of the Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics.
MKT-Office, the reservoir engineers workspace – is a program module which allows to visualize and edit the parameters of the 3-dimensional hydrodynamic models of hydrocarbon reservoir, data preprocessing for the estimation of the hydrodynamic MKT simulator, results analysis (post-processing).
Expertize TimeZYX is a program module which allows to carry out the geologic-hydrodynamic model toolroom test of oil and oil-and-gas fields in quick and qualitative manner. The program module main task is to prepare the analytic information during the evaluation of reviewed model availability for the forecasting of the development technological indices and the factor of oil-saturation.
Economics TimeZYX is a modern tool of economic estimation covering the wide range of issues related to making the decision about the prospects of investments in the oil and oil-and-gas well development. The module considerably simplifies and speeds up the preparation of project documents and increases the clearness in the analysis and comparison of development versions.
Monitoring TimeZYX is a program module designed for settling the problems of the development control and the production problems related to the analysis, planning based on the geologic-filtration model of geologic-technical measures.

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