Showsim Pro *Dongle Emulator (Dongle Crack) for WIBU WibuKey*

کرک Showsim Pro *Dongle Emulator (Dongle Crack) for WIBU WibuKey*

Showsim Pro *Dongle Emulator (Dongle Crack) for WIBU WibuKey*
ShowSim is a line of professional pyrotechnic scripting and choreography software with the ability to produce photo-realistic simulations of your shows on your computer. ShowSim has been time tested by the biggest display companies in over 20 countries around the globe for over six years, and is used by many major theme parks such as SeaWorld, Bush Gardens, Disney and Universal Studios. ShowSim has been used to script several award winning Montreal competitions, the Times Square New Years Eve displays in New York, the Symphony of Light and Sound in Hong Kong and many other large scale productions.
ShowSim is most well known for the realism of the simulations it creates. The designer has the ability to use panoramic skyline images in combination with layered images or 3D models to produce realistic representations of the shoot site. An unlimited number of firing positions can be placed on-screen at each location where fireworks are to be fired from. Each position is given a name so that it can be referenced in your script. Each position marker can be moved anywhere in 3D space, with an adjustable camera position that also allows for a birds-eye view during placement.
When choreographing a fireworks show to music, sound data is displayed as a scrolling sound graph to guide you in your cue placement. Three tools give you a great deal of control over indicating what gets fired and when: The timeline that shows cue placement relative to time, a bar graph that indicates the duration of each effect and a cue list that allows you to see the details of each cue and quickly make changes to one or more cues at once.
Effects are added to your show using a powerful tool called the Effects Browser, and an Inventory Browser if you have the Pro or 3D versions. These tools let you easily search through the thousands of effects that ship with the software, as well as the custom effect libraries created by yourself or others. Effects can be test-fired prior to placing them in your show so that you can be sure it has the desired look. At any time during the scripting process your show can be played back in real time to check how it will look.
Once your show is complete, you can render demonstration videos to help in bidding for show contracts or showing your customers what their show will look like. The video output will also produce better quality simulations compared with real-time playback, since there is no time constraint on rendering each frame. The video output allows you to specify the size and position of the area to be captured in the video frames, and also allows the placement of a watermark to brand your videos with your company name.

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