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Onlyview is a fast, flexible, user-friendly interactive front-end for visual designers and artistic directors, allowing the conception and evolution of their shows before bringing them to site – where The Projection Studios teams can collaborate on the finalisation and fine tuning.

With many unique features, its an adaptable solution for events, conferences, spectaculars, TV production and fixed installations, harnessing the power of modern PC graphics cards and allowing the creation of stunning effects that can be seen immediately.

Quick Overview

* Soft edges together video projectors to create a totally seamless image.
* Unique to Onlyview is the ability to track real world objects completely live.
* Visual elements can be imported into the screen and shown in windows on the background.
* Onlyview is very FAST! Changes can be made in real time without long rendering times. If show elements need to be repositioned, they can be moved instantly onscreen
* Onlyview is flexible. It can simultaneously show multiple live camera images alongside video playback and PC sources.
* Graphic files can be imported and animated. Photoshop files are imported as layers, so elements can be moved on screen without needing to re-import the image to make changes.
* Onlyview has its own text generator using true type fonts!
* Any source software, video or graphics can have the parameters (colour, transparency, etc) changed – and those changes will only affect the source file in that part of the show. i.e. cue specific changes, not global changes.
* Onlyview can use multiple timelines and cross-fade from any timeline to another in any order.

Onlyview can be synchronised with Onlycue, (The Projection Studios large format scrolling projection control software) for simple and seamless integration of both video and PIGI large format projection into the same show.

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