Microcat Kia

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شماره فنی قطعات میکروکت کیا – Microcat Kia

ورژن : ۲۰۱۶٫۰۳

مشتمل بر شماره فنی و نقشه های انفجاری تمام قطعات کیا به همراه شماره فنی تمام قطعات. مناسب جهت پیدا کردن موقعیت قطعه و شماره فنی جهت تعمیر یا سفارش قطعه.

Electronic parts catalog KIA.
We present all models produced and / or unreleased KIA Motors, except for vehicles intended for inter-market (eg, Rhino), the model divided into groups (cars, SUVs / minivans / vans, commercial) and by region. The catalog will be available for the identification of the vehicle VIN (with filtering part numbers), search by name parts (partial or complete), original number, and also shows the applicability of parts. There is a list of options with details to facilitate selection of the desired number in the absence of VIN-filter.
The choice of language is possible to separate the interface of the program, and separately for items of spare parts.

Extras. Information: Translated items of spare parts is not always correct, so it is configured to include “language items of spare parts” – english. Built-original accessories catalog, was present in some of the previous versions, this is not presented for all models.

About Microcat V6: Available in the hand “appendage” – Microcat V6 – is optional, because no dealer login and password it still does not work. How do I remove his installation – see “the installation procedure.”

Year / Date: 2015.07
Developer: Infomedia Ltd
Language: Multilingual (Russian present)
Medicine: Present
System Requirements: 1 GHz-processor 256 MB OZU 20Gb hard disk space
Operating system: Windows

جهت سفارش این نرم افزار از طریق فرم درخواست و یا تماس اقدام نمایید.


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