Dental Wings (DWOS) *Dongle Emulator (crack)*

کرک Dental Wings (DWOS) *Dongle Emulator (crack)*

Dental Wings (DWOS) *Dongle Emulator (crack)*
May 2016 – added solution for Dental Wings version 6 (6.0.2 build 30580). All modules work! Tested on Windows 10 64 bit.

March 2016 – Our crack tested with version 5 (5.2 and 5.3 build 30402).

It features among others automated multi-die mode, simultaneous upper and lower design, attachment libraries and new interface.

Here is a brief description of the new features:
Automatic margin detection

The margin on ditched dies can now be detected automatically without any user intervention.
Automatic insertion axis

An ideal insertion axis can now be computed either for single elements or bridges.
Automatic multi-die session

The software can execute scan and design operations completely unattended. The user can validate the design or modify it if needed.
Upper & lower simultaneous scan and design

The software now supports the creation of clinical cases containing both upper and lower preparations. This in conjunction with the virtual articulator gives a powerful tool for achieving complex cases.
Virtual articulator

A virtual articulator has been included in the software to facilitate occlusion design on complex cases. This new module allows to create dynamic occlusion surfaces based on stored explorations to deliver superior prosthesis designs.
New user interface

A new user interface is delivered by default with the 6.0 release using a darker theme to reduce eye fatigue.
Abutment with waxing

A new type of restoration is now available in the software, allowing the user to merge the scan of any kind of wax-up and the scan of implant locators.
Partial framework integration

The partial framework application has been completely integrated into standard DWOS deployment and database, and exists as a CAD station in the generic client.
Improved impression scanning results

The meshing of impression scans has been greatly improved to take into account the specific requirements of building a positive from a negative shape, to show better details on edges and groove.
Improved 3-point repositioning tool

A new tool to reposition two meshes together has been added in the scan preparation menu. This tool gives parallel separate views of both meshes and a combined view of the result.

A new type library has been added to the database: attachments.
Ease-of-use of design tools

Design tools have been redesigned to improve software efficiency.
۶۴ bits support

DWOS software can now run on 64 bits operating systems.
۳D Connexion support

Support of devices from the manufacturer 3D Connexion has been implemented so that any 3D view in the software can be manipulated using an additional controller like the “Space Navigator”.
DHS enhancements

Shared users information, kit objects (implants, anatomies, attachments) and materials.

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