CimCAD, CimPACK (c) CIMEX Corporation *Dongle Emulator (Dongle Crack) for Aladdin HASP SRM*

کرک CimCAD, CimPACK (c) CIMEX Corporation *Dongle Emulator (Dongle Crack) for Aladdin HASP SRM*

CimCAD, CimPACK (c) CIMEX Corporation *Dongle Emulator (Dongle Crack) for Aladdin HASP SRM*
CimCAD is a very easy to learn design program that was written with you the user in mind. Many common operations have “”hotkeys”” (keyboard shortcuts) which by-pass the menus for faster access. It also contains a full set of tools that simplify designing and machining.

Machining Features
Simple point-and-click addition of lead-in cuts or tabs and loops.
Cutter compensation (for tool size).
Optimized machining order, with easy manual override of order.
Automatic nested layout, using subroutines in the controller.
User-configurable postprocessor handles almost any controller.
Automatic generation of NC code for the entire design.

Design and Editing Tools
A full set of construction tools simplifies data entry from blueprints.
Powerful free-hand techniques for artistic work (sketching, bending, stretching), without compromising true arc storage for machining.
Various built-in tools such as area fill or pocket milling with island avoidance.
A full set of Dimensioning tools is included.
Cimex File Checker automatically finds and fixes design problems like gaps and overlaps.

Parametric Design
Create your own parametric standards for designs that you run frequently. If you have a number of similar designs to program, you only need to program it once, change one or more of the dimensions, and then have the other lines update automatically.

Integration with other software
CimCAD can exchange DXF, CFF2, DDES (IT8.6), DWG, HPGL, Adobe Illustrator (AI-EPS), and NC code files with other CAD systems. It can also drive most plotters, digitizers, lasers, water jet cutters, routers, and other NC machines.

With its powerful built-in macro and menu language, CimCAD can be readily customized for specific applications. Talk to us about your requirements – we will provide customization, or show you how to do so yourself.
CimPACK Software

Each of these products is built around the same core software, a general purpose CAD engine called CimCAD, so they share the same user interface and file format. Our specialized licensing process allows you to pick the product or products that best fits your requirements.

CimPACK for Designers
Consists of a large library of Standard Designs, and Mix and Match so that you can create a one-up design and then lay it out to a printed sheet. This is the correct choice if you are doing folding carton or corrugated work but do not need to create any of the advanced pre-press tooling. Parametric design capability is also included.
CimPACK for Diemakers
We now offer two separate products for Diemakers. The standard Diemakers software includes tools for adding punches, hang holes, and die-edges. It also contains the tools for adding stripping/breaker knives, balancing rules, and chase registration holes. This is the correct choice for Gasket and Label companies as well as Diemakers that do not require pre-press tooling capabilities such as creation of Upper and Lower stripping boards, flat top blanking tools and phenolic counter plates.
The advanced Diemakers software includes the standard items plus all of the pre-press tooling. This includes the SF/SC Component Stripping System, the EASIBLANK(TM) blanking system, the SPEEDBAR(TM) presser bar system, the BSI Flush presser system, and the Bobst SPider presser system.. This software is ideal for the Diemaker who receives designs directly from the customer and does not require box design capabilities.
CimPACK Complete
This product includes all of the Designer, Diemaker, and Advanced Diemaker functions. If you require full design capabilities for producing flat dies and the associated tooling, then this is definitely the software you should be considering.
CimPACK for Rotary Diemakers
If you are a Rotary Diemaker, the Rotary functions can be added to CimPACK Complete and both of the CimPACK for Diemakers products.

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