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CAXA V5 is an integrated enterprise PLM solution. It is deployed by departments, but configured based on individuals job responsibilities such a CAD designer, design manager, quality inspector, project manager, etc. CAXA V5 is typically deployed in one or more than one of the following groups. All of them are built on top of a single PDM system with integrated data model: 2D/3D Design (CAD) and/or CAM ; Process Planning (CAPP); Manufacturing Process Management (MPM).
CAXA V5 PLM Solutions
CAXA V5 PDM CAXA V5 PDM is a Product Data Management platform that is used for the enterprise collaboration of design, process planning and shop-floor management. Its basic functions include the integration of all major CAD systems and data file, BOM and workflow management. Advanced functions are also provided to meet enterprise needs such as remote collaborative BOM management, net meeting and integration with ERP etc. The platform is scalable and easy to customize from provided industry-specific templates for rapid deployment.
CAXA V5 2D CAXA V5 2D is an integrated 2D system that combines Chinese 2D mechanical design environment and CAXA V5 PDM. It is an important basis for enterprise design for manufacturing solution.
CAXA V5 3D CAXA V5 3D provides integrated environment from 3D conceptual design, detailed design, and engineering analysis to NC machining. The solution is customized for aero, space, auto, petroleum, electrical and mechanical industries for the entire product design. CAXA V5 3D also supports the collection and reuse of enterprises best practices to continuously enhance the quality and efficiency of its product development.
CAXA V5 CAPP CAXA V5 CAPP (is a solution for the creation of process plans, routing information and the management of process data. The solution could assist enterprises to achieve the follow goals: 1) Increased quality and efficiency for process plan creation, standardization and its management with reduced preparation time. 2) Centralized lifecycle management of process data and its changes to ensure complete and accurate process information within an enterprise. 3) Mechanism to build and to share enterprise and individuals process knowledge. Ease up the shortage of experienced process engineers and shorten the training time. 4) Process data is the foundation for an enterprise to manage its purchasing and production. Unified process data model and data source allow CAXA V5 CAPP to provide reliable data for such operations. Integrated data model also makes process data change compliant with design change possible with proper workflow control.
CAXA V5 MPM CAXA V5 MPM is an integrated production plan and production process management platform. The solution includes production plan management, shop management, storeroom management, purchasing management and report generation etc. CAXA V5 MPM is built on top of a unified product and process data model with the rest CAXA V5 solutions. The solution enhances the competitiveness of an enterprise by providing the followings: 1) Seamless integration with design and process planning platform. Unified data model shared by sales, design, production departments and management for process control and monitoring. 2) Establishment of rational production plan based on inventory, current and planned facility usage. 3) Order progress tracking, production load monitoring and cost calculation in real time. Optimization of the throughput of key facilities. Just-in-time supply of materials and reduced inventory. Increased overall efficiency with reduced costs. 4) Integration with enterprises ERP system.

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