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نرم افزار راهنمای تعمیرات و شماره فنی قطعات  آتریس تکنیک – ATRIS Technik

ورژن : ۲۰۱۷ فصل سوم

این مجموعه شامل دو بخش می باشد.بخش اول راهنمای تعمیرات شامل نقشه های برقی , سرویس های دوره ای , نحوه باز و بسته کردن قطعات مختلف و …. می باشد . بخش دوم بخش قطعات می باشد که شامل قطعات موجود در خودروها برندهای سازنده آن قطعات مشترک استفاده شده و …. می باشد. عکسهایی از محیط نرم افزار در همین صفحه قرار دارد.

Atris Technik provides essential maintenance and repair information on cars and light commercial vehicles. It is the same software like Vivid Workshop but with different name.

Program similar by content to Autodata, but with more detailed information.

The data is organised in 7 main categories:

Maintenance [Standardized manufacturers’ information, Service intervals, Timing belt renewal periods, Maintenance times, Service reset information, Printable work sheets, Keys, Maintenance times, Maintenance management system (Time calculation with overlap technology, Specific times per service interval, Dynamic and exact calculation of additional work)]

Engine, [Adjustment data including V-Belt drawings, Repair manuals (Timing belt renewal Cylinder-head removal Engine removal), Lubricants and fluids, Engine management (Wiring diagrams, Component data, Component location, Diagnosis, Scope images, Fault codes & EOBD functionality), Technical drawings, Repair times]

Transmission [Adjustment data, Lubricants and fluids, Technical drawings, Repair manuals, Gearbox removal, Automatic transmission, Repair times]

Exterior/Interior [Adjustment data, Air-conditioning information (Wiring diagrams, Capacities), Wiring diagrams on comfort electronics (Electrical-windows, Electrical mirrors, Seat heating, Sound systems and more…), Repair manuals (Bumper removal, Wing removal, Interior parts removal, Airbag renewal), Repair times, General information (Air-conditioning, Airbags)]

Brakes [Adjustment data, ABS information (Wiring diagrams, Component information), Component location, Component testing, Repair manuals (ABS mechanical System bleeding), Lubricants and fluids, Technical drawings, Repair times, Technical drawings]

Steering/Suspension [Adjustment data, Technical drawings, Lubricants and fluids, General information (Shock absorbers Wheel alignment)]

Electronics [Engine management (Wiring diagrams, Component data, Component location, Diagnosis, Scope images, Fault codes & EOBD functionality), ABS electronics, Fuses and relays, Comfort wiring diagrams, Diagnostics, Repair manuals (Key), Electronics Smart Assistant (Location of the connector, Clear measurement instructions with pin numbers, Default values, Step-by-step diagnostics wizard.

The program ATRis Stahlgruber provides information on spare parts of cars and trucks. The data on cars, starting with the 60-ies, on cargo with 80s. Since 2002, the program is executed in environment TCD and with use of data TCD, except for the information on spare parts in the program the information on norm-hours, refueling capacities, intervals of service, adjusting labels of timing belts and identification plates. This program contains a cross-reference and warehouse number STAHLGRUBER, can automatically integrate with already established programs WorkShop CD, Stahlgruber, in the rest full analogy TCD. There is a search under original number, under number Stahlgruber, you can see the list of applicability of a detail, select the car engine, to include filtering by brand or manufacturer, also contains illustrations and photos of many details. The program ATRis Stahlgruber catalogue comes on 4 DVD, can be installed in several different ways, from minimum to maximum. ATRis Technic This program contains information on the repair and maintenance of vehicles. Full analogue program WorkShop 2004 Catalogue of the German warehouse of spare parts c prices and translation of numbers Stahlgruber – original and vice versa. Analogue program TecDoc. The catalog contains spare parts and accessories of all non-original European companies. Extras. Info : If the primary installation requests a client Stahlgruber number of 6 digits. Type the number of the attached file. To get rid of the date after installation run the attached file registry.

جهت سفارش این نرم افزار از طریق فرم درخواست و یا تماس اقدام نمایید.

crack4u اولین و بروزترین سایت ارائه دهنده نرم افزارهای تمامی برندهای خودرو و مدل های آن می باشد. مرجع نرم افزارهای راهنمایی تعمیرات ، شماره فنی قطعات و نرم افزارهای عیب یابی خودروها سبک و سنگین.
راهنمای تعمیرات مرسدس بنز ،راهنمای تعمیرات ب ام و ،راهنمای تعمیرات،تویوتا لکسوس ،راهنمای تعمیرات هیوندا کیا ،راهنمای تعمیرات برلیانس ،راهنمای تعمیرات چانگان ،راهنمای تعمیرات جک ،راهنمای تعمیرات چری ،راهنمای تعمیرات لیفان ،شماره فنی قطعات مرسدس بنز ،شماره فنی قطعات ب ام و ،شماره فنی قطعات تویوتا لکسوس ،شماره فنی قطعات هیوندا کیا ،شماره فنی قطعات جنرال موتور ،شماره فنی قطعات برلیانس ،شماره فنی قطعات چانگان ،شماره فنی قطعات جک ،شماره فنی قطعات لیفان X50،نرم افزار عیب یابی مرسدس بنز ،نرم افزار عیب یابی ب ام و ،نرم افزار عیب یابی تویوتا ،نرم افزار عیب یابی رنو ،نرم افزار عیب یابی فولکس واگن ،نرم افزار عیب یابی دستگاه IT2 و بسیار نرم افزارهای دیگر خودرو.

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